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Traditional Chinese Medicine is a generic name for a large variety of traditional medical practices in China which has a long history of 5000 years. TCM uses a holistic method of analysis of the internal system of the human body and their relationship with the outside world in order to find a synthesis. It will give the patient the necessary tools for better understanding the signals his body gives and in doing so helps preventing further illnesses.

TCM is an independent medical system. TCM originates in a unique, comprehensive and systematic theoretical structure, including the theory of Yin-Yang, Five Meridians, Qi and other systems of the human body. Each treatment is performed according to this philosophical framework. TCM is an energetic medicine. “Qi” is the key word of TCM. “Qi” is frequently translated as “life-energy”. “Qi” can have different physical or energetic forms. The function of human beings is described by the processes of changing of the “Qi”.

As mentioned, TCM existed for 5,000 years with successes. The WHO, World Health Organization, recognized that TCM has its advantages on effective healing and less side effects compared with western medicine. It is therefore not surprising that 30% people in the world are using it!