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Chinese Herbs (Chinese herbal medicine) have always played an important role in the health of the countries in the Far East. In China alone, there are about 5000 different types of herbs and there are about 2000 species used as medicine, some herbs are prescribed more often than others. An average herbal pharmacy has about 500 herbs in stock. The Chinese medicine uses plants and minerals, summarized under the term “herbal”. These substances are classified based on their main healing properties. Systematic research and years of development in China have established a complete theoretical and practical system. There is a lot of knowledge about the functioning of the individual herbs and this has led to a unique system in which the herbs are combined in special recipes. Such recipes create synergistic energy which means that the effect of the individual herbs increase in combination with other herbs, this is also called “the formation of a prescription”. The formation of a prescription should also take into account the state of the illness, the patient’s constitution, sex and age.

During the treatment, the recipe may change according to your personal recovery states. Our specialist will adjust the herbs in the recipe when it is needed in order to help the body to re-build the balance more efficiently. That is so called “dynamic process”.