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Moxa is a heat treatment with mugwort herb. Moxa or mugwort herb (Artemisia vulgaris) is used in some cases to warm the acupuncture points. This is done by fixing a bit of spice on the needles and to smolder. The heat from the smoldering moxa penetrates through the needle and this will boost the energy that flows through the needle. Another possibility is the moxastick, a kind of herbal cigar, which the client can use it at home.

Especially with joint problems using moxa shows to be an excellent treatment. Moxa is used in places where the energy flow is very weak. Stimulation with needles alone is sometimes not enough. Moxa is also convenient when certain points are very sensitive, or if there are points that the acupuncturist cannot or is not allowed to prick. In that case will make use of the moxastick.