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Below you can read what indications can be treatable by TCM:

Helps to maintain the health

Helps to quit smoking

Helps to relief various kinds of pains

Helps to loose weight

Helps with fatigue and apathy

Provides more energy

Promotes a good sleep

For a good mental balance

Increases the resistance of the organism

Supports metabolism

Improves the concentration and memory

Helps with overcoming menopause

Helps with the problems of ears, eyes, nose, mouth and throat

For fresh breath


Allergy to pollen

In support of cardiovascular

Keep the normal blood pressure

Good for the circulation

With tired legs and feet and cold hands and feet

Helps to lower cholesterol

A feeling of fullness in the stomach and normal gastric acidity

Has a positive effect on liver and gall bladder

For a natural bowel movement

Helps digestion

Supports kidney function

For normal and regular menstrual

Good for a normal prostate

Helps discomforts during pregnancy period

Pimples and blackheads

Rigid / stiff muscles

Good for the nervous system

Positive for body and spirit

Less susceptible to stress

For people with diabetes

Supports recovery from illness

helps with swellings