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1. First consult

First of all, you will get a consultation (interview) with our practitioner, this takes about half an hour. The consultation is based on TCM theory, including observation of vitality, facial expressions, general appearance; listening to your story; asking questions; feeling your pulse and looking at your tongue. Then the practitioner will give you a treatment plan which including: the explanation of what the problems are, when you can start the treatments, what method(s) will be used and what the expected numbers of treatment will be. The choice of whether you want to be treated is made by you.

2. Treatment

The outcome of the consultation determines the methods of the treatment. Sometimes we combine acupuncture with cupping or moxa. One treatment lasts about 30 to 50 minutes. How many treatments are needed depends on the condition and the physical constitution of the client.

3. Prepare herbs

Chinese herbal medicine also plays a very important role in our treatment. For some complaints the combination of acupuncture and herbs gives more effective result. The dosage and duration of taking herbs are also included in the treatment plan. Because of the herbs are all natural products you need to cook them at home and drink it as thee. See here how to prepare herbs at home.